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CRUNCH began as a bare-bones basement aerobics studio in Manhattan's East Village in 1989. It wasn't much to look at. But it was founded on the belief that fitness was more than just bulging biceps and ripped abs, and that core philosophy colored everything Crunch did. It made it GOOD to have fun at the gym. The instructors weren't just your run-of-the-mill aerobics instructors.They were rappers, drag queens, actors, dancers and professional athletes. They took a very experimental approach to their classes, and pretty soon people from all kinds of backgrounds and neighborhoods were flocking to sign up for Gospel Aerobics, Groovology, and Fire Fighter Training. The No Judgements philosophy really took hold, the classes got better and better and today, you can find Crunch gyms all over the country. Crunch continues to come up with the most innovative classes around - Cardio Striptease, BOSU Bootcamp and Kama Sutra Yoga just to name a few. The gyms have more amenities now, but you will find the same revolutionary philosophy and appreciation for the unconventional at the heart of everything Crunch does.
1259 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

South Beach

Map to Crunch Fitness

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