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Over the past few years, healthy eating and fitness has become a hot topic as it was back in the 80's. Now, of course, there is more out there then just low calorie dishes and exercise clubs. Turn on your TV and you will most likely be greeted by commercials for a plethora of at-home exercise machines or diet pills and supplements that promise miraculous results. For some people, these can be a success but for the majority of us the tried and true diet and exercise route is the method most likely to take away the pounds.

Dieting is not always so easy, though. In today's busy world most people are eating out. Grabbing a quick meal at the local drive-thru or stopping at the corner restaurant for a quick bite during your lunch break is a familiar routine that makes it difficult to stick to a healthy, reasonable diet. Fortunately, many of the fast food places are now offering healthy alternatives to those burgers and fries we so often fall back on. But what about those familiy get-togethers or business meals? The steaks, pastas, and fried dishes that make up a lot of menus are not the best choice either. Fortunately, there are many Miami restaurants that cater to the health conscious diner. One of these is The Gourmet Carrot (136 NW 62nd St). With two separate locations, they offer kosher food and soy products that will do your waistline a world of good. Another great place is Wild Oats (1020 Alton Road). Not quite a restaurant, not really a supermarket, this is a place where you can sit and eat a variety of soups, sandwiches, salad sushi and more. It is also part of a major supermarket chain so you can pick up those much-needed groceries on the way out.

For the strict vegetarian, there is Beehive. Located on 5750 Bird Rd in the city of Miami, this restaurant features vegetarian empanadas, soups and sandwiches. This quality establishment makes eating in Miami more diet friendly. Prana Health Food and Vegetarian Restaurant (7293 NW 36th St) is another place where you can get a variety of fresh juice, soups, sandwiches and more. They even sell books and incense. Garden Of Eating (136 NW 62nd St) is a vegan-friendly place as well. It offers organic foods as well as international cuisine. If that is not enough, you can also sample their buffet and juice bar.

If you want to stock your fridge with quality health foods, why not try Delicious Organics or Coconut Grove Farmer's Market (3300 Grand Ave)? These markets offer the best in fresh produce and Delicious Organics (20815 NE 16th Ave Ste B39) even offers environmentally safe products. Speaking of juice bars... 100% Natural Juices (115B SW 107th Ave) is a vegan-friendly establishment that offers a great selection of juices. Smoothie King (1525 Alton Road) is another wonderful place where you can satisfy your thirst without packing on the pounds. With such a wide selection of health-conscious restaurants in Miami, you are bound to find something you will love.

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