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Posted on Tuesday, 08.18.2009

Miami Guide, Miami Tattoos - Pain of Tattoos

Most people who are thinking about getting their first tattoo want to know how much it hurts. There is no way of describing it or knowing the answer since everyone is different and has a different threshold for pain.

Factors that influence the pain of tattoos include your mental state of mind, your body type and most importantly, where on your body, you get the tattoo. According to tattoo artists, the most painful areas to get Miami tattoos are the areas where there is not as much fat or muscle between the skin and the bone.

If you are a person who has a low threshold for pain, you should consider getting any Miami tattoos in one of the less painful areas such as the shoulder, upper arm, bicep, buttocks, outer thigh and calves.

Avoid extra sensitive areas such as the hands, wrist, feet, ankles, back, groin area, ribs, sternum, the chest (above your rib cage) and behind the ear.

To some people, the pain of tattoos is an important part of the Miami tattoos experience. They want to feel the rush of the release of endorphins that the pain of tattoos brings. If you feel that the pain of tattoos is excruciating, it can mean that the tattoo needle is too deep. For information on where to get Miami tattoos, search the Miami Guide.


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