Accueil | Octobre 28, 2021

2010 Ultra Music Festival, like always will be funked out with a variety of sideshow attractions, performers and international dancers. We’re importing some of the world’s most trendiest and cool entertainers, from Ibiza to Amsterdam, Paris to Rio, LA to New York and from right here in South Beach.


2010 Ultra Music Festival Tips
Dress comfortably because this Miami event is outdoors and it may be hot in the afternoon and cool at night.  This is the one of the most highly anticipated events in Miami and with 35,000 people last year and 100,000 expected to attend this year we suggest you plan pre-arranged meeting points, carpool or use public transport when arriving and leaving. Arrive early, so you don’t miss anything!!

Our headlining acts will be performing at various times throughout the day & night so plan accordingly. Bring spending money, sunscreen, blankets, and try to pack light for a speedy entry.

Ticket Prices
$139.95    2 Day General Admission
$350.00    2 Day VIP
$89.96      Friday General Admission
$250.00    Friday VIP
$99.96      Saturday General Admission
$250.00    Saturday VIP  |  Liens  |  Nous Contacter  |  Notre Societe  | 
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