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Posted on Friday, 03.04.2010

Vacation with Pets - Miami Beach Lodging

The Airlines and Miami Beach hotels these days are catering more to our four-legged friends and many people are starting to enjoy the benefits Miami Beach lodging and vacation with pets. Some lodging facilities will even pamper your pets with personalized beds, gourmet treats, and turndown service. Several airlines offer frequent flyer miles and for the first time ever there is an airline just for dogs and cat. Regardless, before you start plan a vacationing with pets, it's important to prepare you and your pet for the road ahead.

Vacation with pets in Miami can make for a great holiday if you plan carefully and follow these simple pet travel tips:

1.         Pick pet friendly Miami Beach  lodging facilities

Finding a good pet-friendly hotel in Miami that’s reasonably priced is hard to do and you will be discouraged by all the rules and regulations. We highly recommend staying in one of the many Miami Beach vacation rentals where you and your pet can get cozy in more spacious surroundings that are extra accommodating to four legged vacationers, and will remind them of home sweet home.

2.         ID and Tag Your Pet

Make sure your pet has identification by placing an up-to-date ID tag to your pet’s collar. You may want to fasten a temporary tag that has the address of your Miami vacation rental on it.

3.          Pet Safe Item you must pack

Pack enough items to keep your pet safe and entertained. Here's a sample packing list:

•    Water for the plane flight or drive.
•    Pet food.
•    Food and water bowls.
•    A leash.
•    Flea and tick spray.
•    Carpet cleaner.
•    One or two of your pet’s favorite toys.
•    Bedding and extra sheets/towels.
•    Portable carrier for smaller dogs.
•    Pooper scooper (or cat litter box with litter, liners, and a scoop).
•    Grooming brush.
•    Photos of your pet in case he or she gets lost.


4.      Air or Land travel precaution

You are flying, investigate the airline’s pet policy ahead of time so you are  be prepared for hidden fees and the details of your pets flight accommodations. Bigger dogs might have to travel in the cargo department. For travel by car, remember you will be stopping frequently for your pet urinates so don’t forget the leash, water and food.


Vacationing with pet in Miami will be much easier and less stressful for both you and your pet by following the steps above.


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