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Posted on Wednesday, 08.19.2009

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Celebrities in Miami

We love to watch celebrities in Miami because they are like perfection walking on earth. Though we all know it well, it may be hard to remember that most of these celebrities attain the look they desire through celebrity plastic surgery.
A little money goes a long way when it comes to beauty. Part of a celebrity’s job is to be attractive so that people will want to look at them. We have an entire section on celebrities in Miami. Paparazzi wait, search and follow celebrities in Miami for the entertainment of the public.


Hollywood is obsessed with image and beauty. Celebrity plastic surgery such as Botox, breast implants, tummy tucks, face lifts and lip enhancement are so common in Hollywood that some celebrities eventually cross that line to over-the-top. We found this video with celebrity plastic surgery before-and-after pictures but you should note that not all of these celebrities in the video got plastic surgery.

I am not sure why they are on the video but some of the celebrity plastic surgery after-shots are a result of make-up and even Photoshop. There are many that we know have had celebrity plastic surgery work such as Carrot Top, Joan Rivers, Janice Dickinson, Fergie and Lil Kim. The photo of Zach Braff, however, is totally Photoshopped. This helps to understand why celebrities in Miami are all the rage.

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