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Official City of Miami Beach Bike Sharing & Rental Program

5.1.2011 - Miami bike rental - Miami Bikes

DECOBIKE is the new Miami Bike Rental and Sharing program sanctioned by the City of Miami Beach. These new green friendly Miami bikes are convenient, economical and a great option of transportation for both residents and visitors. The DECOBIKE Miami bike rental program is available 24 hours a day and includes 1,000 bicycles located at 100 Miami bike rental stations throughout the city.
DECOBIKES have a unique, aluminum and stainless steel custom frame design and are equipped with electronic tracking technology. Each of these Miami bikes are designed with self-generating LED lighting and sturdy custom baskets to hold everything from your laptop to your four legged friends. Here's how it works....


To rent a DECOBIKE simply swipe your credit or membership card at one of the bike stations. The station then give you an unlock code which is a number that unlocks and releases one of the bikes. You may rent DECOBIKES by the hour or through a monthly membership. The first 30 minutes are free for everyone. Residents get a discounted monthly membership called BeachPass at a cost of about 50 cents per day for unlimited trips per month.

DECOBIKES are a great means of transportation for visitors that are staying in Miami Beach vacation flats or other Miami holiday rentals in South Beach.  Because parking can be very difficult and expensive in Miami Beach, riding a bicycle is the best form of transportation. DECOBIKES are cheaper than renting from a bicycle shop and provide peace of mind by reducing headaches relating to Miami Beach's high bicycle theft. Tourists renting South Beach vacation rentals and staying in local hotels have expressed their happiness and satisfaction with Miami Beach DECOBIKES.


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