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Miami has throughout the years attracted talented architects that have shaped and molded Miami the way it is today. Miami Beach started to attract its residents in the 20's and became a prominent tourist destination attracting mainly snowbirds from the north. The Art deco movements were born in different cities of the world at the same time, but Miami Beach was certainly one of the most influential. Miami was formidably well preserved from real estate developers and in 1979 the Miami Beach Art deco district was officially listed on the national register of historic places.

The Art deco district is renowned for being the largest collection of art deco architecture in the world. Several hundred buildings, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and hotels were erected from the 20's to the 40's. The preservation movement was created and animated by the famous Barbara Capitman. Some of the big names in the art deco architects include Henri Hohauser and Murray Dixon. Henry Hohauser went to school in Brooklyn New York and moved to Florida in 1932 where he quickly emerged as on of the most prominent architects. Some of his most popular work includes the Cardozo hotel built in 1939, the Colony hotel in 1935, the Essex house hotel in 1938 and the Edison hotel in 1935. You can see he was heavenly influenced by his native city. Dixon Murray moved to Miami Beach in 1928 from New York City. He designed some of the nicest hotels in Miami Beach which include the Victor Hotel built in 1937, the Raleigh hotel in 1940, the Marlin hotel in 1939 and the Ritz Plaza hotel in 1940.

Several hotels are being converted in Miami condo-hotels and offer the opportunity to owners to buy a part of Miami histrory, ie The Tides condo hotel, The Edison condo hotel. Starting in the 50's the Miami Modern movement also called MiMo was created. Architects of those eras have focused their attention on Resort hotels and created futuristic designed hotels such as the Fontainebleau hotel, the Eden Roc hotel and the Deauville hotel. The Fontainebleau hotel as well as the Eden Roc were renovated and new construction was added to the existing historical structure. The rooms and apartments are sold to owners as condo-hotels. Innovative architects of that era include the famous Morris Lapidus.

Miami of this new millennium is being built by talented local architect such as Arquitectonica, Kobbi Karp, and Zyskovitch. Developers from all over the world flocked to Miami in order to participate in this last wave of development.

The best world renowned architects joining the party include Carlos Ott from Uruguay, the legendary Richard Meier and Franck Gerhy. arlos Ott has designed the Artech building in Aventura. Richard Meier designed the future Beach House in Surfside and Gehry has been retained to design the New World symphony building in Miami Beach.

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