Accueil | Janvier 29, 2023
Brickell is a Miami neighborhood that seems to be going up these days as a perfect place to live, shop, eat, and go out. One of the most popular spots in Brickell is the Sagafredo Miami Brickell café located on Brickell Avenue. Besides, just down the street to Sagafredo, Novecento Miami restaurant is always packed with people. A couple of blocks north, at Rosa Mexicano, people can expect an hour long wait for dinner. Therefore, all this new hot spots on Brickell are appointing to a new and improve Brickell neighborhood!

This Miami neighborhood is now preferred by young professionals that can have access to Miami condos in the area due to some bargains consequence of the current real estate market situation. If you happen to now Brickell before, you might realize that it seems like there are more pedestrians on the streets strolling to cafes, restaurant, and lounges in the area.

Some of these pedestrians are also taking advantage of the great weather at Brickell while walking their dogs or just doing some exercise. The Brickell nightlife has certain advantages that cannot be denied. For instance, if you are a local you are more likely to know fellow locals at any bar or night club in Brickell than in Miami Beach. Due to the constantly moving population of Miami Beach, which consists of lots of tourists and short-term visitors, you are more likely to meet stable interesting people in Brickell’s lounges and restaurants. Brickell is offering all the best of South Beach lifestyle in a more cosmopolitan environment.

It seems hard to believe that not long ago even though many Miami condos were built this Miami neighborhood was mainly a business district with no life at night. Even when the Miami real estate market is still slow in the area and many Miami condo buildings are half empty, it looks like Brickell real estate and the neighborhood’s status in general is rising slowly, yet steadily.

Of approximately 6,500 new Miami condos in Brickell, it is estimated than more than 4,000 are currently empty. Many Miami real estate and Brickell real estate experts are projecting a prolonged decrease of prices in the area. Many Miami condos in Brickell are luxury estates offering VIP services to its residents, so it looks like it is a good moment to buy one Brickell luxury condo for a good price. It is also a good moment to rent in Brickell since in many cases you can rent a place for half the price a mortgage will cost you, so you will have half the money to expend it in the local clubs and restaurants.  |  Liens  |  Nous Contacter  |  Notre Societe  | 
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