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This television show stands for Crime Scene Investigation Miami. It airs on the CBS network and is one of the most popular series in the US. CSI Miami was officially launched in 2002 and has been a huge hit since. The show depicts a team of forensic scientists in action solving murders after murders using to do so the most advanced available technology. The innovation brought to this show came from the new angle that investigations took. The police spends its time analyzing facts, objects such as a chair for example that leads indeed to the criminals. The show is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer one of Hollywood’s most prominent action movie producer. The show takes place in the present day throughout all of Miami areas, including Miami Beach and South Beach. CSI Miami is probably one of the most successful TV series today. CSI’s success has extended beyond the US boundaries to be one of the most watched American show in the world. The success of this shows is explained by a breathtaking rhythm, a great sexy cast, wonderful sceneries of Miami from the most unusual angles, and of course a great soundtrack: Won’t get fooled again ”performed by THE WHO. Miami is definitely the star of the show, warm, sexy, hype etc. Forensic scenes are sometimes hard to watch, but scientists always keep their calm and their humane nature, even faced with bare humane events.

CSI Miami : The cast The current cast features the following characters
  • Horatio Caine, David Caruso.
  • Calleigh Duquesne, Emily Procter.
  • Natalia Boa Vista, Eva La Rue.
  • Eric Delko, Adam Rodriguez.
  • Alexx Woods, Khandi Alexander.
  • Ryan Wolfe, Jonathan Togo.
  • Franck Tripp, Rex Linn .
  • The great cast featuring a team of confirmed and smooth actors explains the success of the show. Characters are mostly the same since the debut of the show. CSI Miami: Writters Producers of CSI, understood that in order to keep the success of the show alive they had to keep innovative stories therefore they did not hesitate to use the talents of 2 dozen writers to do so.

  • Marc Dube.
  • Matt Witten .
  • Anne McGrail.
  • Ann Donahue.
  • Laurie McCarthy.
  • Jonathan Glassner.
  • David Black .
  • Shane Brennan.
  • Anthony E. Zuike.
  • r
  • Mark Israel.
  • Elizabeth Devine.
  • Carol Mendelsohn.
  • Corey Miller.
  • Steven Maeda.
  • Alison Lea Bingeman.
  • Charles Holland.
  • Lois Johnson .
  • Michael Ostrowski.
  • Sunil Nayar.
  • Laurence Walsh.
  • Eddie Guerra.
  • Gwendolyn Parker .
  • Ildy Modrovich.
  • John Haynes.
  • Brian Davidson.
  • CSI Miami: Directors More than 25 Directors were used during the present life of the show, to keep lively and thrilling unique episodes.

  • David Grossman.
  • Deran Sarafian.
  • Tucker Gates.
  • Fred Keller.
  • Scott Lautanen.
  • Danny Cannon.
  • Bryan Spicer.
  • Daniel Attias.
  • Steven DePaul.
  • Karen Gaviola.
  • Peter Markle.
  • Artie Mandelberg.
  • Greg Yaitanes.
  • Gloria Muzio.
  • Jonathan Glassner.
  • Felix Enriquez Alcala.
  • Scott Brazi.
  • Norberto Barba.
  • Duane Clark.
  • Charlie Correll.
  • Scott Shiffman.
  • Dick Pearce.

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