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Posted on Monday, 03.01.2010


D'Lima Peruvian Cafe in Miami - Miami Guide

Miami guide says this is one of the tastiest Miami restaurants for Peruvian sandwiches and ceviches. Newly opened, D'Lima Peruvian Cafe is located in downtown Miami just North off Flagler Avenue and is situated inside a little mall area. The ‘sushi-bar’ style seating allows you to see the action in the open style kitchen as you enjoy the café vibe.

Four Peruvians joined forces to bring together the most popular flavors of ceviches and sandwiches with a pinch of their own style. Traditional apps like Tequenos, Causa with sauce made from huacatay (a pungent Peruvian herb) and potato croquettes called Papa Rellena jammed with beef. D'Lima Peruvian Cafe also has fish, shrimp and combo civiches served with sweet potatoes and huge Peruvian corn. The café is also know for its terrific sandwiches like the fried pork, Lurin , the Barranco and the D'Lima that’s made with sautéed beef strips, red onion, melted Provolone, and avocado slices.

To complement this array of food they serve drinks like passion fruit juice, purple corn drink, and Inca Kola, a favorite in Peru.

With the atmosphere and ambiance and excellent food with that special Peruvian cuisine touch makes this one of the best Miami Restaurants.


CUISINE: Peruvian, Latin American and Seafood


27 N Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137
Phone: 305-374-5153

Monday to Friday:  10am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: Closed

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