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Posted on Sunday, 3.21.2010

Miami Hospitals - Miami Vacation Rentals


Some Miami hospitals are marketing hard to lure in Foreign and International patients from the Caribbean and Latin America, to the U.S. for quality healthcare. Hospitals in Miami offer packages that include Miami vacation rentals for medical recovery.

According to the consulting firm Deloitte & Touche, there were 400,000 foreign patients that came to the U.S. for health care in 2009, spending almost $5 billion. These figures are predicted to double over the next couple of years and South Florida and Miami hospitals want to be part of it.

South Florida is a doorway to Latin America with its good weather, bilingual population and numerous Miami vacation rentals and Miami hospitals  plan to build on these natural advantages.

Foreign patients from the Caribbean and Latin America were coming to Miami vacation rentals way before traveling for health care was called “medical tourism.”

Miami hospitals are bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars of business a year from foreign patients and the competition is intense.

Baptist Health recently opened an office in the Cayman Islands and has plans for offices in other Caribbean and Latin American countries in hopes to build better ties.
The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau is working with Jackson Memorial to market Miami hospitals and the city and as an international medical destination.

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