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Sam's Deli & Grill, Restaurants Cashers à Miami
Accueil | Février 25, 2024
Everyone likes to eat. And eat out. And eat out at new places. This brings us to Sam's, the kosher eatery that's exhibited plenty of chutzpah in challenging the long-running reign of nearby kosher-style Arnie & Richie's Delicatessen. The rectangular, 50-seat dining room is a clean, handsome throwback to delis from days gone by. A lengthy row of glass display cases filled with foodstuffs extends across the right side of the restaurant; the opposite, olive green walls adorned with nostalgic black-and-white photographs of old Miami Beach interspersed with wood-framed mirrors and broken up by a brick wall in the back of the space. Antique lanterns hang from a lofty tin ceiling, and wooden tables, chairs, and accents contribute warmth to an otherwise standard delicatessen setup.

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740 41st Street
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Miami Beach

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