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The Miami real estate market offers ample choices for those wishing a condo for long term or for short term. Miami condo rentals are easy to find, however there are a few facts that should be kept in mind. Most condominiums associations in the greater Miami area have rental restrictions that might affect potential renters:

- Most of those condominiums have minimum rental duration, usually less than 6 months is not permitted.
- Some buildings allow for 1 rental per year per condo rental.
- Most buildings have a pet restriction, either forbidding their presence altogether, or restricting their number or weight.
When starting the search process, it is strongly advised to use the services of a Miami Real Estate firm. The landlord or owner is paying for the commission; therefore do not go to the property without your Miami Realtor.
Renting a Miami apartment sometimes is tricky; using the services of a professional company will reduce those hurdles and make the process easy. Miami realtors have access to almost all properties available on the market through what is called the Miami MLS (multiple listing services).

The MLS is a database of all properties available for rent, it is available to all Miami realtors, they can search the whole market in a matter of minutes according to multiple criteria. Usually this is where Miami realtors will start the process, condo rentals seeker do not need to be physically in Miami at this stage. Realtors will email back and forth with renters with detailed proposals, including full description of the condo and building amenities with pictures.

From there the client will be able to direct better the realtor as to his requirements. When this is done a few Miami apartments will be ready to be visited, the realtors will organize visits so no time is wasted. As soon as the client finds the property of his dream, the Realtor starts the next phase of the process, which is negotiating its terms and making sure that the contract protects the renters.

When this is done the next phase can start, usually the condominium association requests a rental application to be submitted providing detailed information on the prospective renter, often an interview is required. Usually the condo association charges a fee to perform this process.

The Miami condo association wants to check that the potential renter will be a good tenant and that he has the financial resources to pay the rent, they will most of the time check also the applicant's credit. The condo association can decide to accept or refuse the applicant most of the time with no justification.
The Miami condo owner usually requests the payment of 3 months payable upfront, the first month, the last month and the security deposit. When renters are getting in the property usually a walk through is performed when they leave at expiration of their lease another inspection is conducted, if there are no damages usually the security deposit is reimbursed otherwise it might be kept partially or totally by the landlord. Finding the property might take a few days, the condo association process can take from 1 week to 4 weeks to approve your application.

MLR realty can help you in your search. For people desiring to rent an apartment for a shorter duration, 1 week or less than 6 months, there is a way, they need to find Miami condo rentals where leases of a shorter duration is accepted. It is estimated that 95% of all Miami condominiums have the 6 month rental restriction, the search here can be a bit more complicated. Most of Miami real estate firms decide not to cater to this clientele.

The process for those Miami vacation rental seeker or extended stay seekers is a little bit more complicated, they can browse through 100's of vacation rentals by owners not having any quality insurance or they could also decide to use the services of a Miami relocation company or a Miami vacation rental specialist. Accommodations that can be provided by Miami vacation rental firms are diverse and cover all entry prices.

Miami vacation renters can rent a Miami vacation condo for a week or for longer term, properties offered are for all budgets from 1,000 a month to 40,000 a month. The type of Miami accommodations offered could be either a Miami condo rental or a Miami vacation home.

Usually prices are higher than renting a long term Miami condo rental but this excess is of course justified by the fact that the properties are fully furnished and equipped with everything needed just like your home, it usually also includes all other expenses such as gas, electricity and water (phone is often restricted to local calls).

The process to rent term Miami vacation home is simpler than a long terms, it includes a quick screening, the payment of the full rental fee and a security deposit. Miami Habitat is one of the leaders of this market with an impeccable record and excellent customer service.
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