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The art museums and art galleries are popular Miami attractions for tourists and locals. You will find a variety of Miami art galleries in areas like Lincoln Road, Coconut Grove, Miami Design District, and Wynwood District. Throughout the year, the museums and galleries host special Miami events welcoming new artists and new material.

Art is found in all shapes, sizes, and forms in permanent collections as well as temporary ones exhibited at the Miami museums and art galleries. Contemporary art is quite popular in the new Miami Design District and Wynwood District; however, you can appreciate and learn about many other exhibitions by visiting the Miami museums which also offer programs and classes for children and adults.

Galerie: The Rubell Family Collection
Trouvez photos de la galerie "The Rubell Family Collection" (la collection de la famille Rubell).

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin , Photos de Miami
Trouvez l'art de différents artistes internationaux dans la Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin.

Galerie d'art de Bertin Toublanc, Photos de Miami
Trouvez des photos de Miami et la galerie d'art de Bertin Toublanc à Miami en Floride.  |  Liens  |  Nous Contacter  |  Notre Societe  | 
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