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May, 2007
Inc. Magazine delivered the list of annual job growth ranking in its may issue. For those interested, Florida’s small, medium and large cities dominated the top of the list.

The ranking was made analyzing current job growth as well as job growth over the past three and ten years. Job growth is believed to be the best measure of economic vitality, since strong job growth suggests that an economy is expanding.

Fort Lauderdale - Pompano Beach - Deerfield Beach was the first Florida area in the big city list, coming in at number three. At number four was Orlando – Kissimmee followed for West Palm Beach - Boca Raton, while Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater was at number six. Miami – Miami Beach – Kendall was also on the list.

The mid-sized cities category was practically owned by Florida. At number one Cape Coral - Fort Myers and at number six Lakeland.

Naples – Marco Island got into the small cities ranking at number four.

If you are looking for a great place to live, do not hesitate to choose between one of the growing Florida’s cities. Miami and Miami Beach have some of the most active real estate markets in the U.S which is perfect for people of all ages.

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