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May, 2007

Sammy Sosa is suing Williams Island Ocean Club, developer of Acqualina Ocean and Resort in Sunny isles. The suit is over an $8.7 million double unit on the 46th floor.

Sosa, a professional baseball player, bought two units in 2004 for $4.35 million each. The main issue is that the deal required to be finished in not later than two years which was not what happened. The player sent notice of the termination of the contract and he wants his $1.74 million deposit back plus damages. On the other hand, the developer says that Sosa delayed the project when he decided to customize the units. The developer's point is that Sosa caused extra work and delays.

In spite of the problem, Sammy Sosa is not going to be on the streets since he owns a $4.3 million penthouse in Williams Island, plus homes in Chicago and Dominican Republic. Sosa's eight-bedroom condo in Acqualina will not be on sale until the dispute ends. The condo is valued in $14.5 million dollars.
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