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Posted on Sunday, 3.21.2010

Miami Health Care - Miami Lodging


Former Miss Universe and Venezuela’s governor, traveled to the U.S. as one of the many International patients to receive expert Miami health care. Irene Saez, the 1981 beauty queen came to the States to received specialized medical attention and Miami lodging during the last quarter of her pregnancy.

Saez is just one of thousands of Americans who visit the U.S. each year to receive Miami  health care for a wide variety of medical conditions. Some U.S. medical facilities including South Florida’s Miami hospitals offer outreach programs that helping to train physicians and medical specialists from Latin America. Miami hospitals offer offering specialized education programs in hopes to build referral networks. Some of the programs here offer Miami lodging for the physicians as well as recuperating International patients.

There are numerous reasons why International patients from Latin America are traveling to the U.S.  to receive some type of Miami health care:

* Many of theses travelers come to find advanced diagnostics or treatments for complex diseases because it’s not available in their countries.

* Some Latin International patients are here frequently for business or vacation and find it convenient to get a medical checkup or second opinion from a physician while here.

* Many medical centers and Miami hospitals offer special programs for international patients. A lot of these programs include 24 hour concierge services, assistance with air travel, Miami lodging and translation services.

* Visitors from Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean are finding air travel more convenient and inexpensive lodging for patients that need time to recuperate before going home. Major airlines carriers have nonstop flights to a number of U.S. destinations. And, Miami lodging can be tailored to their needs at reasonable prices.

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