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vacances en Floride, locations a Miami
Accueil | Décembre 10, 2023
Penn Towers

Prestations de la résidence

  • Garage
  • Ascenseur
  • Climatisation
  • Lave/Seche-Linge

, Miami Beach, Florida 33139

  *Sauf Vacances et Evenements Speciaux

The Penn Towers five-story South Beach vacation flats building was recently renovated with a beach style. The South Beach holiday apartments are right in the center of South Beach on Pennsylvania Avenue, just two blocks away from Española Way which is decked with bars and international restaurants. The beach, Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road are just three blocks away from the South Beach vacation flats.

Guests get the convenience of the South Beach holiday apartments coin-operated washer/dryers and a secured parking lot. Feel peace of mind on your vacation with the assurance of your safety provided by complete building and elevator security.

These South Beach vacation flats offer comfort, class and security during you vacation.

Cliquez sur la photo pour plus d informations:

Unit E3
2 Chambre(s)

Telephonez: (305) 673-3958
de France : 33-1-766-04191

or Emailez

Merci de bien vouloir nous appeler afin de profiter de nos promotions speciales!

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2 P

Localisation:South Beach   Distance: S: 0 Aéroport: 10 Centre commercial: 0.1 Plage: 0.1 Synagogue: 0.3



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