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vacances en Floride, locations a Miami
Accueil | Mai 25, 2024
Setai South Beach

Prestations de la résidence

  • Accès a l’Océan
  • Piscine
  • Fitness
  • Ascenseur
  • Concierge
  • Voiturier
  • Service d'entretien
  • Restaurant
  • Internet Gratuit
  • Jardin
  • Jacuzzi
  • Parking

101 20th Street, Miami Beach, Florida 33139

  *Sauf Vacances et Evenements Speciaux

Situated at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean amidst greenery, flora and glimmering pools, the Setai holiday rentals Miami Beach gives off a special relaxing vibe with a tropical influence. These vacation rental apartments Miami units are set apart by their Asian-South Beach style fusion.

The holiday rentals Miami Beach property has everything you may need on your vacation onsite. There is a spa, a restaurant and even a bar. The Spa at The Setai is an entire world dedicated to the restitution of the body, mind and soul. The vacation rental apartments Miami fine restaurant serves Asian and French influenced ethnic dishes made from the finest and freshest ingredients from all over the world. Between the lobby and the courtyard, the holiday rentals Miami Beach bar offers fine international wines and beverages.

The Setai vacation rental apartments Miami is surrounded with several vacation activities includingi watersports. Outside, but on site, there are three pools, a 90-foot bar and teak cabanas that bring a relaxing, Mediterranean vibe to the holiday rentals Miami Beach property.

Inside, vacation rental apartments Miami guests are provided with high-speed internet access and flat-screen plasma TVs. The Setai holiday rentals Miami Beach was made with the perfect Miami vacation in mind.

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Unit 2605
1 Chambre(s)
Unit 3501
4 Chambre(s)
Unit 3302
2 Chambre(s)

Telephonez: (305) 673-3958
de France : 33-1-766-04191

or Emailez

Merci de bien vouloir nous appeler afin de profiter de nos promotions speciales!

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Localisation de la propriete

Localisation:South Beach   Distance: Aéroport: 10 Centre commercial: 0.5 Plage: 0



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