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2008 Brazilian Miami Film Festival, Festivals et Foires à Miami Floride
Accueil | Février 29, 2024
In 2008, the Brazilian Film Festival will once again descend on Miami. With it, the Florida festival brings some of the best in independent film making. The Florida festival will feature many parties as well as an awards ceremony.

Over 15,000 people are expected to show up when the Miami event opens in June. Attendees will be able to screen over 30 movies. From drama to comedy and more, there is sure to be something at the Brazilian Film Festival to suit any taste. It will also offer aspiring film makers the chance to network with others and get their name out there. Opening night will most likely feature a Beach screening, allowing visitors to take advantage of the great weather South Florida has to offer.

Plans are currently underway for 2008, and nothing has been officially announced yet. You can keep up with all the latest as it is made available at You can also call 305-864-6020, or direct e-mail inquires to The Miami event is scheduled to take place, in part, at the Jackie Gleason Theater, located at 1700 Washington Avenue. The venue can be contacted by phone at 1-800-939-8587.

If you are interested in attending the Brazilian Film Festival this year, make sure to visit the their website often so you will know when specific dates are announced. Once they are, better start planning your trip so you will not miss out. offers plenty of listing and Miami travel tips to help make that process as easy as possible.

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05/30/2008 thru 06/07/2008



South Beach

Colony Theatre

1040 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, Florida
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