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Posted on Sunday, 3.21.2010

International Patients Miami - Accommodations Miami


International patients Miami - Most of the foreign patients traveling to the States for medical care are looking for advanced cardiovascular, neurological or oncology treatments. This is mainly because physicians from their country trained in the States or currently work in Miami hospitals and offer accommodations Miami for their aftercare. Some however are just following the lead of friends or family members. And of course, let’s not forget the reputation of the United States and Miami hospitals when it comes to health care.


Paul Mango, co-author of the McKinsey report, says "Whether or not it's empirically true, the U.S. brand of medicine is still perceived as being the most advanced health system for treating very complicated diseases and when life is at stake.”

Sequentially, more and more U.S. hospitals, including Miami hospitals, are marketing their services to profit from these lucrative International patients Miami.  These patients generally have pricey procedures that are frequently fully paid by their governments, fully covered by their insurance or paid for by themselves.
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