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Watch videos online of Miami, Florida! While visiting Downtown Miami, tourists will discover a vibrant area with several activities and attractions, including the Miami American Airlines Arena where the biggest Miami concerts and sporting events are held. Bayside Marketplace, located next to the Miami American Airlines Arena, is the most popular shopping destination in Downtown and one of the most popular Miami attractions. Bayside is an excellent option to combine great food, lots of fun and shopping. However, you must know it is not the place with the best prices. This Shopping mall – Miami provides great views of Downtown Miami and the port. The Hard Rock Café restaurant is situated at Bayside Market Place.

Visiting Downtown Miami from the air is pretty amazing, high and numerous buildings rise in this commercial area. Old constructions as well as great looking new architectural pieces can be found. The aerial views feature an impressive skyline adjacent to a pure emerald ocean. Equally impressive are the cranes that participate to a busy skyline. Enjoy this online video of Downtown Miami and visit the other pages of this Miami video gallery to see more Miami attractions.

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