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Nowadays, Spring Break back is being related with the ancient rituals of the Greeks and Romans prior the birth of Christ. Back then, men and women, particularly those who were of on age to date, welcomed the return of spring, the season of fertility, in rituals celebrating “Dionysus”, the god of wine. The ancient rituals consist of drinking and dancing until participants were in an altered consciousness, open to the irrational calls of this god of earthly pleasures. During the advent of Christianity the Spring Break ritual was stopped. However, today many still believe that Spring Break as we know it today it might be related to “Dionysus” and the Greek Spring celebration.

It is say that the Spring Break Holiday did not begin until the 1960’s Spring Break is well-known as a student holiday. Each year, thousands of students travel from coast to coast to celebrate the beginning of Spring, in some way, and take a well deserve break of college and school duties.

In Florida, cities like Daytona Beach and Panama City have always been preferred destinations among Spring Breakers. However, South Florida cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood have always resisted this invasion. Therefore, you must avoid these areas if you really want to have fun. On the other hand, if you are looking to escape the celebration Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Beach are the places for you during Spring Break in South Florida. South Beach was not always a Spring Break destination, but in the last years, it has made a name and become one of the top Spring Break locations of the world. All thanks to its livid nightlife.

In addition, the Caribbean is losing favor as a destination for college students while Spring Break South Beach is gaining fame as a hot spot. Miami and South Beach are now ranked number 1 in the travel site's annual look at most-searched destinations for Spring Break. It is believe this is happening thanks to new rules that require U.S. citizens to present their passports when returning from Caribbean destinations. Besides, the economy might be also a factor since 60% of colleges students said they are cutting back on traveling because de economy.

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