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The popularity of the South Beach Diet has created a huge market for websites and cookbooks dedicated to South Beach recipes. These recipes are generally tasty and healthy combinations that will make your mouth beg for more. One of the best things about many of the South Beach recipes is that they can be enjoyed for a lifetime so you can continue to maintain your desired weight once you have achieved it. South Beach recipes are not designed as diet foods, but rather a lifestyle choice for continued enjoyment even after you have reached your health goals.

The South Beach Diet is divided into phases and, as such, the South Beach recipes are tailored to fit each phase. In Phase 1, you can have many tasty foods that you cannot have with other popular diets. Delicious flank steak is an ideal food for Phase 1 because it is both tasty and easily grilled. Add your own personal mixture of spices to taste, and you can enjoy a delicious meal any night of the week. South Beach recipes that use flank steak as a primary ingredient include Texas Grilled Steak, Grilled Skirt Steak, Grilled Fajita Steak Salad, and many others. Enjoy one of these dishes with a tasty salad and vegetables and you have an excellent meal that does not even feel like you are dieting.

Phase II allows the South Beach follower to enjoy a wider variety of foods. South Beach recipes in Phase II of this eating style include many fabulous desserts and treats that you will not be able to resist. After an excellent Pan-Roasted Steak and Onions dinner or a traditional South Beach Meatloaf, you have your choice of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Liquor-infused Chocolate Strawberries, or many other South Beach recipes favorites. With the many choices you can take advantage of with South Beach recipes, it will be like you are not even on a diet at all.

Once you reach Phase III of the eating plan, you can enjoy a greater deal of flexibility than the previous phases. You have more choices in this phase that you will want to enjoy for a lifetime. Lemony Fish, Moroccan Grilled Chicken and Roasted Chicken with Sweet Garlic are all South Beach recipes that you can find online or in a South Beach cookbook. The foods available to you in the last phase are of a greater variety. Since people are constantly creating new and exciting recipes, you can also be assured that you can continue to thoroughly enjoy different South Beach recipes for a lifetime.

The South Beach Diet has outlived the time period of just being a fad diet because it has continued proven results. Another reason that it continues to attract dieters is because the available South Beach recipes are neither drab nor boring. The foods that you can enjoy on this eating plan provide variety as well as a delightful taste and exciting choices. In addition to its easy-to-follow instructions, this makes the South Beach Diet one of the most popular eating plans today.

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