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Posted on Monday,03.08.2010

Miami Vacation Rental Tips - Miami Beach Accommodations


If you're planning a vacation to Miami, renting one of the many Miami vacation rentals  instead of a hotel can save you big bucks. Plus, you will feel more at home. Miami Beach accommodations are an especially smart choice if you're traveling with kids or a group of people. You can find some of the best deals for vacation rentals online but must you know what to look for and how to protect yourself as a renter. Below are the top five Miami vacation rental tips every traveler should know.

1.    References: The owner or management company of your Miami vacation rental should be able to provide you with references from previous vacationers upon request. If they won’t, are hesitant or seem unprepared for your question, move on.

2.    Inclusions: Miami accommodations vacation rentals should include everything a home has like use of all rooms, pool, gardens and etc. Waterfront vacation rentals might even include watercraft. Make sure all of this is clear and ask questions when you do your walk through or check in.

3.    Damages: Accidents happen and are anticipated with in reason. It is normal for a management company or the owner of your Miami Beach vacation rentals to ask you to sign a contract agreeing to pay all damages you may cause. However, normal everyday wear and tear, and minor maintenance adjustments are usually the owner’s responsibility. Before you sign anything make sure its clear.

4.    Contacts and Emergency Numbers: Reputable Miami Beach vacation rentals should have posted in their rentals emergency numbers and addresses of local hospitals, Miami docotrs, fire and police services. If this information is not in the rental make sure you ask for it before checking in.

5.    Refund Policies: You never think perhaps your vacation will be delayed or cancelled but life is unpredictable and things happen. Make sure before signing that you contract details cancellation dates and procedures. It’s normal for Miami Beach vacation rentals to have penalties for cancellation if there is not enough time to fill the empty slot with someone else.

To minimize the stress that comes with final details of your miami vacation condo or villa just follow these top five Miami vacation rental tips and have a great vacation


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