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Posted on Wednesday, 03.10.2010

Miami Beach Lodging -  Miami Vacation Rentals


Knowing how to choose the right luxury Miami vacation rentals can be quite a chore especially if it’s your first time renting. There are many things to consider before  using your hard earned money for a deposit on one of these luxury Miami vacation rentals.

Here are a few things for you to think about when you are choosing the right Miami Beach lodging vacation rental:


What is your Miami Beach lodging budget?  Once you have determined this you can zero in on Miami vacation rentals you can afford. Location, amenities, size and season will all factor into the pricing. Larger vacation rentals closest to the beach will cost more than smaller luxury Miami vacation rentals with a pool further inland.  Most all vacation rental websites you go to will have a large selection of Miami vacation homes at different price teiring based on the location, amenities, size and season.

Type of Vacation Rental
How you plan to spend your vacation will make a big difference in what type of luxury Miami vacation rentals you choose. Miami vacation apartments will be cheaper than Miami vacation villas but will not provide you with as many amenities. If you are planning to spend a lot of time “out and about” and eating in restaurants then Miami vacation apartments are perfect for you. If you are travelling with your family or large group, need more space and want to save by cooking yourself, then Miami vacation villas are perfect for you.

The cost of your Miami Beach lodging vacation rental will vary depending on the amenities. If you want a pool to swim in, boat access and maid service then the rental price will go up. If you are content with out all the extra amenities the rental prices drop giving you and your family more money to spend elsewhere.

There many luxury Miami vacation rentals located all over the city which has a big effect on the cost of each rental unit. How you enjoy your vacation can also be greatly affected by the location of your vacation rental. Consider transportation as well. Are you going to have a car or do you need to be within walking distance of shops, restaurants and night life? If you vacation is all about the ocean and sandy beaches than your vacation rental should be close to the beach. If relaxing and enjoying family or friends is important than luxury Miami vacation rentals closer inland night suit you.

Pictures and Descriptions
When choosing luxury Miami vacation rentals it’s very important to see pictures and get as much details as you can. Never go by word of mouth or contract a vacation rental sight unseen. Unfortunetley some vacation rental sites limit the amount of pictures you can display but a legitimate owner or management company should have plenty.

Make sure you read everything thoroughly before signing a contract fro your vacation rental.  The small details can make or break a vacation rental contract.


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