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Miami Guide, Miami Tourist Guide
Home | June 20, 2024

Miami Guide – Miami Tourist Guide is a Miami tourist guide created by Miami locals for Miami tourists from all over the world. started in 2002 and is owned and managed by Miami Habitat, Inc.

We pride ourselves on providing the latest, most accurate web-based tourist information and services. Our services are free ensuring objective and unbiased information. Our thorough Miami guide was created to prepare tourists visiting Miami by keeping them up-to-date on events, attractions, weather conditions, conventions, workshops and even the latest celebrity sightings.  

We educate tourists on Miami’s shopping scene, different kinds of restaurants, nightlife and renting boats, bikes or vacation homes. Browse through photo galleries and find information of interest to the gay community, a list of travel tips and Miami news. We have got it all covered!

If you have any questions about our Miami guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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