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Vacationers wishing to charter a boat in Miami will find what they are looking for in our fabulous city. Miami tourists can rent boats of all sizes and for all budgets. Miami is well known for its incredible waters. The City of Miami Florida is considered as a heaven for boat lovers because it offers plenty of things to do and to see.

Miami boat rentals prices vary widely according to the kind of boats; nevertheless, they are usually more affordable than in Europe or other countries. Some vacationers might want to charter a boat in Miami for the day, with or without a captain; some others might charter a South Florida luxury yacht with a crew in order to cruise for a few days.

The process of chartering a boat in Miami can be easy or more challenging depending on the way it is done. Miami-Info.com gives you some useful tips that you should follow while renting a Miami boat:

  • Select one of the professional and experienced Miami boat rentals which surely have established relationships with boat owners.
  • Generally, Florida yacht charters select quality boats and negotiate good prices.
  • Your Miami yacht broker will help you to solve any obstacles that may occur during your period of rental.
  • Working with an established Florida yacht charter is an added protection and guarantee.

Why you should not charter a boat in Miami with a particular owner:
  • Miami boat rentals’ prices are usually cheaper.
  • Boats might not be as good as professional Florida yacht charters.
  • In case of problems, there is no one responsible for it, only you.
  • An experience that should have been nice and easy can become a real nightmare.

Miami & Florida yacht charters
- Miami Boat offers luxury yacht charters, boat rentals and corporate charters in Miami and South Florida.


Phone: 305-673-3956
Toll free: 888-2-YACHTS
Email: info@miamiboat.com


Waterfront Miami Restaurants
Most of Miami waterfront restaurants offer complimentary dockage to their clients; the first come first served rule is usually applied...

Miami Navigation Rules
Boat rentals Miami should give clients the main regulations they must follow to avoid any kind of trouble in order to have a nice and secure trip...

Miami Intercoastal Way
The Miami Intercoastal Way (ICW) comprises some natural inlets, rivers sounds and bays and a large number of artificial men made canals...

Emergency in Miami Waters
Regular boaters should have a yearly subscription with a local towing company...

Speed on the Miami Intercoastal Way
All Miami boats should be operated at a safe speed. It is very important to respect the limitations because they are usually strictly enforced...

How to Cross Bridges in Miami
Boaters, who rent a vessel through one of the Miami boat rentals, should stick to their right while crossing a bridge in Miami Florida...

Access to Ocean from the Intercoastal Way
Miami boats can get from Miami to Fort Lauderdale using the Intercoastal way or through the Ocean...

How to Use Your VHF Radio
Boat lovers should invest in a very good quality high frequency FM radio to stay safe while navigating...

Meaning of Typical Radio Words
Find the meaning of the most typical radio words...

What to do in Case of Emergency

Find useful tips on what to do in case of an emergency while navigating...

Miami Party Boats
Miamiboat.com's spacious party boats are specially equipped to attend all your guest needs, and you will find Miami party boats of all sizes and all budgets.

Miami Luxury Yachts
In order to spend great vacations in Miami it is crucial that you have access to the best Miami luxury yachts...

Miami Day Charters
If you want to get a break of the beach or the shopping, Miami boat charters are a great opportunity...

Miami Bare Boats
Miamiboat.com is a Miami boat rental that has a large fleet of Miami bare boats.

Marinas in South Florida and the Bahamas
South Florida marinas are major hot spots for boaters.

Boating Events in Miami and South Florida
South Florida is the biggest boat and yacht market in the world. Boat manufacturers expose their full line of vessels, featuring their latest models at these internationally acclaimed shows.

Miami Fishing Cruises
Plan a fun filled day fishing Miami waters off Florida's spectacular coastline on party fishing cruises.

Reaching the Bahamas
Check in with Bahamian authorities immediately after reaching the Bahamas port of entry.

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