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CSI Miami is probably one of the best TV series in the world that features the city of Miami like a star. The success of CSI Miami is explained by using a great concept, a great cast, and a superb city. The magic City of Miami is being shot in an innovative way with incredible air views from all possible angles.

CSI Miami
provides some breathtaking views of Miami throughout its beautiful sceneries, including the everglades, the ocean, and the skyline of Miami. The helicopter shots feature the tip of modern Brickell buildings and the beautiful Miami islands such as Star Island and La Gorce Island. Renting a helicopter in Miami will allow you to visit Miami the CSI way. Chartering a Boat will allow visitors and locals to enjoy beautiful views of Miami and incredible mansions that play a center role in the show.

Another great way to visit Miami the CSI way is to experience Miami's torrid nightlife, by visiting some of the best Miami night clubs such as Mansion, Space, and Opium Garden. In fact, some of these South Beach nightclubs are often part of the show. Additionally, you can experience Miami the CSI way by renting a car from a luxury car rental of Miami, maybe a Hummer H2 frequently feature on the show, or staying in a luxury hotel in South Beach, where celebrities stay, eat, and party.

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