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Miami is the major city of the state of Florida. The city of Miami is part of the county called, Miami Dade County which is comprised of multiple autonomous towns such as Miami Beach, Bal Harbour etc... The city of Miami counts 390 000 inhabitants (as of 2006), while the greater Miami is populated by approximately 3.5 million residents. This population growth is explained by a solid domestic influx and by a strong international immigration. Miami is a real melting pot with a very strong Spanish influence flavor. The economic activity is strong with one of the lowest unemployment rate in the US. Miami's economic activity is a service based economy with:

- A very strong banking system
- A very dynamic tourist based activity
- A dynamic construction related activities
- Trading and import export

Miami is a major worldwide tourist destination, it is estimated than more that 12 million visitors are coming to Miami every year. Most of those tourists visit also the west coast of Florida, the Keys and Orlando. The fabulous sandy beaches of Miami and its incredible weather all year long are the main factors of Miami's popularity. Miami has so much to offer it attracts all kind of clientele from spring breakers to families and celebrities. Miami attracts of course tourists but also business travelers that conduct business in Miami or from Miami or that are in town to attend exhibition convention and seminars.

The American Riviera is a great playground for every body, party animals are abusing the hot night clubs, sun lovers are flocking to the beach to taste the turquoise waters. During this time other visitors are shopping till they credit card refuses any payments, other are enjoying all other sport activities being offered. The art deco district is of course the number one attraction in South Florida, and the second behind Disney world in Orlando. The city of Miami is therefore very well structured to welcome those millions of tourists. Miami is like an open air museum for architecture aficionados featuring the largest collection of art deco building in the world. The city was remarkably well preserved thanks to the dynamism of preservationists.

Miami Night clubs are leading the rank of the best international clubs, they are torrid, very design, themes oriented and very sexy. Dining out in Miami is definitely a great experience the greatest American chefs and reputed international chefs opened restaurants in Miami in the last 2 years. People watching is also an activity that gained momentum in Miami, famous people and celebrities from the entertainment world are regular patrons of our magic city, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, Nicolas Cage etc.

Things to in Miami are numerous with a large number of attractions of all sorts from parks, to adventurous sports. Miami is rapidly becoming a major city as far as cultural venues, hosting great events such as the Miami Art Basel, international film festivals. The new performing art center of Miami, the Carnival center attracts world renowned performers such as I. Perlman. Miami is part of all domestic as well as international artists tour, from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez. The Art Center South Florida, the Miami City Ballet offers also world class events. The city of Miami Beach sponsors directly a large number of events including shows, dande and music festivals.

The superb American arena is the ideal location to host such concerts, it hosts also sporting events such as Basketball. The Miami Heat team, the 2006 world champion intends to prove that is still a force to be reckoned with in 2007. Miami Beach convention center hosts a large number of great conventions throughout the year. The great Miami climate is a great incentive to organize fairs and festivals such as the Miami art deco festival. We hope that this quick description made clear to all readers that Miami is the place to come. Miami is a vacation destination within a big city, the beach with the excitement of a real city.

The hospitality industry is of course able to accommodate this large influx of visitors. Miami has been a tourist destination for the past 70 years. We understand tourists are happy to serve them with a large and warm smile. Miami Hotels are numerous and are varied offering 5 stars 800 rooms’ hotels such as the Lowes to sleek hip boutique hotels such as the Delano Shore club or Sagamore hotel. The quality of the average hotel has improved dramatically in the last 5 years; most hotels modernize and refurbished their rooms to respond to more and more demanding patrons.

More than 3.5 millions visitors have stayed in Miami Beach hotels ( 20 000 rooms), 9000 of those rooms are located in South Beach. South Beach hotels are mainly located on Collins avenue and Ocean Drive. Vacation rentals homes and condos become also more and more in vogue, attracting a new breed of traveler wishing to fell at home away from home. Renting a vacation condo in Miami is more affordable than hotels but is not the only rational for vacation renters. Statistics indicate that travelers like also to have their privacy and the comfort of staying in more spacious environments.


The profile of a tourist in Miami is very diverse but the latest demographics indicate that he is an affluent traveler ( mean income = $ 87 000), traveling with a small party, he is in his mid 40's and stays on average for a week. 55 % of visitors in Miami come from he US and the rest are non us residents, 54 % come from Latin America and 32 % from Europe.

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