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If you are interested in knowing more about Coconut Grove and Miami tourism, you should know Coconut Grove is the Miami’s bohemian city. The streets of Coconut Grove offer great entertainment which includes shopping, restaurants, tourism, and a wild nightlife. Restaurants located in “The Grove” have become popular around Miami because of the food quality and creative dishes. One of the top Miami attractions in Coconut Grove is the Cocowalk - Shopping Center. The Cocowalk is the best destination for shopping and dining in Coconut Grove. Stores such as Banana Republic, Gap and Victoria Secret; combined with the restaurants and sidewalk cafes offering variety of flavors from around the world makes worthwhile going to the grove. The most popular night club in Coconut Grove is Oxygen Lounge. Overall, this is where Coconut Grove's young and trendy go to cool their heels, see and be seen.

Enjoy our selection of Miami travel videos that surely will help you during your staying. Visiting Coconut Grove from the air is a particularly impressive experience since the forest surrounding this city is the last of its kind in the area. You would also be able to see the coast and part of the unique architecture characterized by porches that afford magnificent views for their habitants. This video of Coconut Grove will definitely help you to decide if you should include this area in your itinerary in order to improve your trip and your whole tourism experience in Miami.



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