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Miami Based spring breakers know very well how to take advantage of Miami when they party. They are very fortunate not having to travel far to reach the best Spring breaker's location in the world: Miami.

They chartered a yacht, borrowed the family boat or went along with friends and headed toward Key Biscayne to a popular sandbar. Miami by boat has a definite different flavor; visitors should experience and rent a boat in Miami

They embarked for an unforgettable day party on multiple boats, with an ambiance very similar to the Columbus regatta events being held in October every year. One hundred boats approximately met on the sandbar, they aggregated their vessels of all sizes and started to party by mid day. The atomosphere was festive with loud music, young guests seemed very happy dancing and drinking. Boats were loaded much above the boat manufacturer's capacity approximately, 1 feet to 1 guest. Young teenagers were hoping from boat to boat to meet friends and future friends.

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