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Monday, 9.11.2010

Miami Hotels Occupancy - Miami Hotels News


According to Smith Travel Research, Miami hotels occupancy and rates across South Florida rose last week. With September, typically the industry’s toughest month, ending and the high season just around the corner, Miami hotels occupancy and rates grew in each of the three counties.

Occupancy for Miami hotels rose 62.4 percent from 54.4 percent in the prior-year period, for the week ended October 2.  Occupancy in Broward County rose to 57.2 percent from 53.4 percent and occupancy in Palm Beach County rose from 45.6 percent to 50.7 percent.

Across the U.S., occupancy rose to 61.2 percent from 55.7 percent.

The average daily room rate in Palm Beach rose 6.7 percent, from $97.65 to $104.21. Average room rates for Miami hotels rose 4.7 percent, from $110.56 to $115.79.  The average rate in Broward rose 3.4 percent, from $85.43 to $88.36.

The national average daily rate rose 4.2 percent, from $95.74 to $99.80.

Tourism officials have been gearing up for the winter, over the last few weeks. Both the Palm Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau held their annual meetings to outline plans for the coming year.

In 2010, Miami tourism has generally been on the upswing and officials are predicting an even better 2011. 



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