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Art Basel, the International art show in Miami Beach, Florida, is the American cousin of the Swiss Art Basel show, the most important show in the world happening on an annual basis, and has existed since 2002. The Miami Beach Art Basel show has become a sort of cultural event of it’s own. It offers a combination of various events such as design, architecture, music, and film, a selection of special exhibitions, along with the art show. The location of the show is the gorgeous Art Deco district of Miami. This area is conveniently close to the beaches, restaurants and hotels. More than 1500 artists will exhibit their contemporary art work in a series of a couple of hundred art galleries from North and Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Work of the highest quality will be exhibited by well-known artists, as well as up and coming talents. These galleries represent some of the most established art dealers in the world. The Art Basel will help you find rare art works of museum caliber, as well as what is new in contemporary art. International artists, collectors, dealers, curators, critics and enthusiasts from all over the world will come to the show. This is a wonderful show for discovering the world of art. Exhibitions of the highest quality will be available in the museums of South Florida, as well as programs for art collectors and curators. The Art Basil is a place where art- involved people from all over love to come together. From a social and cultural point of view, it is a very special event for North and South America.

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