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Megalodon: The Largest Shark That Ever Lived!
At 60 feet long, Megalodon was the largest shark that ever lived and a dominant marine predator. Sharks are at risk today, with recent population declines attributed to humans. Though Megalodon vanished 2 million years ago, its fascinating story inspires lessons for science and shark conservation. This new national traveling exhibition, "Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived," which opens in February at Miami Science Museum, features a 60-foot-long walk-through sculpture and highlights the evolution, biology and misconceptions regarding giant prehistoric sharks.

CSI: Crime Scene Insects

Learn the secrets of crime solving bugs. The Miami Science Museum offers visitors a rare opportunity to learn more about the mysterious world of crime scene investigation with its new exhibit, CSI: Crime Scene Insects.  The exhibit dives into forensic entomology, the use of insects such as flies, maggots and beetles to reveal critical details of a crime scene, a fascinating practice that plays a vital role in solving a variety of crimes. CSI: Crime Scene Insects opens  June 6th and runs through January 2010.

Also check out MiaSci’s Planetarium which has entertained and educated children of all ages on astronomy and the wonders of the night sky since 1966. The Planetarium is also home to Jack Horkheimer’s Star Gazer, the world’s first and only weekly television series on naked-eye astronomy. Plus visit all our friends in our Wildlife Center where you get an up-close view of snakes, spiders, birds and more!

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