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Club Hopping

To fully enjoy the Miami nightlife, club hopping is definitely one of the best things to do in Miami when the city “sleeps.” For your convenience, the hottest and liveliest clubs are located quite close to each other in the heart of downtown and Miami Beach. The Miami nightlife districts are the home of the best and most welcoming nightclubs with the best disc jockeys playing energetic mixes. The question is why stay in one club the whole night when you can experience variety in music, people, and ambience? Pawn Shop, Nocturnal, Space, PS 14 are just some of the Miami nightclubs located in the downtown area. Cameo, Privé, Mansion, and Nikki Beach are the biggest venues that make up the Miami nightlife. For a night without end, there are Space, Cafeteria, and Nocturnal nightclubs which offer after hours.

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