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Viernes Culturales
SW 8th Street and Fifteenth Avenue

During the “Cultural Fridays” you can head out to Little Havana, Miami’s Latin Quarter. This event takes place the last Friday of every month starting at 6:00 pm. Here, you can embrace and celebrate the Latin culture while eating, exploring, and dancing. Begin the night with the walking tour which takes you through the neighborhood as Dr. Paul George narrates the historic tales and traditions of La Gran Naranja. Little Havana has many cultural things to offer, especially tasty food. Taste the typical Cuban coffee or the traditional ropa vieja at the I Love Calle Ocho Café or a refreshing sangria at the Spanish Casa Panza. Promenade through the town’s many “Spanglish” shops and the galleries which showcase folkloric art and other arts. Finish the Cultural Friday by dancing the night away.

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