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Reading is one of the most essential skills we can learn during our lives. Literacy teaches us about other cultures, takes us to places we might not get to visit physically and helps us to function on a daily basis. In addition, writing allows us to express ourselves and communicate with others. Each year, the City of Miami does its part to promote a love of reading and writing among its residents and visitors by hosting a book fair.

Like so many of the Florida fairs that call South Florida home, the Miami Book Fair International was once a small 2-day street fair. The original Florida Fair, Books by the Bay, has evolved over its two decades into a week long fair dedicated not only to promoting reading, but writing as well.

The Miami Book Fair International truly lives up to its name, featuring authors from all over the world. Countries such as Mexico, South America, France, Russia and more are represented here, introducing those in attendance to these cultures. It has also featured winners of some of the biggest literary awards there are, including the Pulitzer Prize and the O’Henry Award, offering their expertise and experiences to those in attendance.

There are usually many varied activities at the Florida Fair to keep everyone in your group happy. Some of these include: a café for writers to gather together to share their work, rare and old books that any collector will love, Readings and Panel discussions. For the kids among you, there are also events aimed at them including story-telling and puppet shows. The fair also typically showcases a wide variety of book stores that will help you find the perfect books to add to your collection. From large chains like Borders, to lesser known places like Allen Davis Bookseller, there is something for any literary taste represented here.

The Miami Book Fair International is an excellent choice for people looking for things to do in Miami. It is a Florida Fair that people of all ages can enjoy, so parents can plan a trip to the fair with confidence, knowing their children will only see age appropriate materials. Plans are already underway for the new fair, so please check the website at miamibookfair.com for further information as it becomes available. If you want to do your part to help out the Florida fair, you can also read about the many volunteer opportunities they have to offer. When planning your vacation in Miami, do not forget to check out the rest of Miami-Info.com for some great travel tips. You will also find information about other events and important phone numbers.

As always, make your vacation plans in advance so you will be sure to get the best deals and most convenient Miami accommodations the city has to offer. If you wait too long, you just might miss out on the opportunity to see this great book fair for yourself. You might also want to bring some extra luggage to take all the great books you will find home!

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