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Posted on Friday, 03.12.2010

Accommodations Miami Beach - Lodging miami Beach


Accommodations Miami Beach – For those of you looking for inexpensive accommodations Miami Beach, please beware. Not everyone is honest and unfortunately there is a lot of common fraud in the holiday rental industry particularly on the internet. The internet is a great place to find the right Miami holiday rental that’s perfect for you but you will also find Miami vacation rentals scams. They are all over the internet but here are some ways you protect yourself?

Too good to be true - If it’s too good to be true it’s probably a scam. The majority of Miami vacation rentals are priced about the same. If you see an ad for a rental that’s priced way below the others, beware.  Scammers know by pricing low it will get more vacationers to fall victim.

Map the address - Get the address before booking accommodations Miami Beach or Miami vacation rentals and map it. Yahoo and Google offer interactive satellite view maps online. Take the address of the vacation rentals and look it up on the map to make sure the property fits the description you were given.

Watch the video below from the Federal Trade Commission on how to file a compliant.

Licensed Companies - The best suggestion to avoid common fraud in the holiday rental industry is to book your Accommodations Miami Beach through a licensed company. Don’t ruin your trip to save on accommodations Miami Beach. Take the time and do your research

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