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Karu & Y Miami Nightclub, Miami Nightlife
Home | July 24, 2024
Created by Cesar Sotomayor and Elliot Monter, Karu & Y restaurant consist of 42,000-square-foot Karu (the restaurant), Y (the lounge) and Tottem (performance space). The restaurant-lounge is characterized by extravagant materials and a decoration for other world. Having dinner at Karu & Y is an experience like no other because of executive chef Alberto Cabrera. The chef mixed perfectly textures and temperature in order to create fabulous dishes. The menu includes Spanish clam bake, imported clams, mussels and langoustines with potato water, piquillo pepper granita and white popcorn; pan-fried red mullet with sweet onion tart, green olive tapenade, potato purée and tomato powder; and almond-banana millefeuille with date purée an much more.

71 NW 14th St
Miami, Florida



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