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Downtown Miami is a district of Miami that is going through a profound change. Historically it was the commercial center of South Florida with its harbor. During the 70's and early 80's the new business district of Brickell emerged as the new business center with its high-rise buildings. Most Miami financial institutions, law firms and consulates operate now from Brickell. Brickell's uprising corresponded with Downtown's decline. Downtown started to empty out from its inhabitants and businesses. Criminality was high, and the area was literally deserted at night and during weekends. In 2002, Downtown Miami started to being renovated, and Miami real estate developers started to build new luxury high-rise real estate projects. Billions of dollars have been spent since the redevelopment begins.

Today, this part of the city re-gained part of its lost prestige, with its million dollars condos, new restaurants, and trendy night clubs. The Miami real estate downturn that we are going through reveals great real estate opportunities in the newly built luxury high-rise buildings that will be completed in the coming few months. Buyers of Miami condos are already eager to owning a Miami apartment in the Downtown area.

While visiting Downtown Miami during the weekend, tourists will discover a vibrant area with several activities, including the Miami American Airlines Arena where the biggest Miami concerts and sporting events are held. Downtown's commercial streets such as Flagler street or the famous Bayside Market Place. Bayside is one of the main tourist attractions of downtown Miami, with its shops, cafes and restaurants it offers good entertainment. This outdoor Miami shopping mall is extremely popular and provides a great and calming view on an adorable marina. Daily boat tours can be hired from this marina, as well as yacht charters and boat rentals. Overall, the heart of downtown is made up of mainly offices, souvenirs shops and small cafes. The revival of the area starts to show effects, Downtown is less deserted that it used to be, stores are open on Saturdays and people are seen on the streets. Will it ever be a lively area of Miami, similar to South Beach offering activities and entertainment all week long? Who knows? Possibly, but not in the very short future.


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