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What to do in case of emergency in Miami Waters? – Miami Towing Services:
  • Regular boaters should have a yearly subscription with a local towing company.
  • Potential subscribers should analyze thoroughly the coverage offered because they may vary substantially from one company to another.
  • Most of these companies offer yearly fees of $150 average.
  • Non subscribers will also be able to use the service of the companies for a price; it is suggested to negotiate the price over the VHF or phone before calling the company in order to select the most competitive company. If you rent a Miami boat through one of the yacht charters in Florida, they should have this information available for you.
  • Clients of a boat rental Miami should also ask to the Miami boat rental company if the towing is included in case of problems.

In general, problems such as the following are covered by most towing boat companies:
  • Free fuel drops.
  • Free battery jump start.
  • Free help for minor grounding.
  • Free towing to docks.

Your boat rental Miami should have the complete information of the main boat towing companies in Miami; however, Miami-Info.com gives you the contact info of the most important towing boat companies serving Miami:

BoatUS Towing Services
880 South Pickett St.
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone – 800-888-4869
FAX – 703-461-2877

Sea Tow Miami
7601 E. Treasure Dr
Suite 15
N.Bay Village Fl. 33141
phone: 305 673-2869 305 6SE-ATOW

Overall, Boaters should be able to communicate with local authorities to report any problem that they might (or other might) encounter while navigating in the Miami waters. Boaters should be careful when navigating and make sure that all radio VHF devices are in a working condition. As a renter you should requests good emergency equipment to your boat rental Miami Company. Yacht charters in Florida strongly suggest that boaters carry a cellular phone just in case.
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Phone: 305-673-3956
Toll free: 888-2-YACHTS
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