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If you are looking for adventure on the air Gliders offers an untypical experience with a modern and different way to fly. What is a glider? A glider is an unpowered craft, an airplane with no motor. Gliders are amazing and grateful machines, and are as close as humans can get to soaring like birds.

The gliders are similar in parts as the powered airplanes; they have fuselage, wings, control surfaces and landing gears. The fuselage is made of fiberglass and usually very small, the cockpit is sized for one or two people the most. The wings are pretty much longer and skinner than a regular commercial plane, this allows to lift the sailplane - name that refer to gliders- using the strength of the wings. The pilot sits with his legs stretched out to the front of the cockpit and it has a control surface simple to operate. The landing gear consists of a simple wheel mounted just below the cockpit.

This amazing way to fly is ecological and is perfect to do pressure flights. You can flight with an instructor and enjoy the feeling of soaring through the air like a bird. This is an unforgettable experience of a life time. You can have beautiful views of the Everglades, Biscayne Bay, Miami skyline and more.

Glider companies in Miami:

- Miami Gliders
(786) 243-7640

- Miami Glider Club
(305) 279-8855

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