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Posted on 3.24.2010

Housing market - Miami real estate


For many years foreign investors have been attracted to the US housing market and Miami real estate, due to the wide range of benefits the housing market presents. British and European investors have benefited from currency exchange rates increasing their ability to buy multiple properties that might not have been beneficial to do in other housing markets. Miami real estate is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and is easily accessed for personal use and also with investment purposes.

Because if the recent downfall of the US housing market, foreign investors have a distinct advantage over local buyers. The US government is enforcing measures to remedy the financial situation insuring buyers will return to a strong property market.

South Florida and particularly the Miami lifestyle with its excellent infrastructure create a great demand for Miami real estate properties. South Florida’s warm climate 36 weeks a year makes for excellent investment in Miami real estate rental properties.

Reasons to invest in Miami real estate:
•    Currency exchange rates Beneficial for foreign investors
•    Rental demand with high profit potential
•    Lower cost of living then European cities
•    Highly developed buying process
•    No restrictions on foreign ownership
•    Ease of access with extensive route connections
•    Good opportunities in current market with strong growth potential
•    High level of lifestyle
•    Excellent infrastructure
•    Established property market

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