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Israeli food includes ingredients such as cucumbers, chickpeas, tomatoes, lamb, olives, olive oil, honey, cabbage, matzoh, yogurt, potatoes, and carrots. Most of the Israeli cuisine has been imported from other countries including the Mediterranean as well as Western and Eastern Europe. Some of the typical Israeli dishes are Falafel, kebabs, couscous, hummus, and honey-soaked sweets. Much of the Israeli cuisine in Miami is served kosher. Foods are classified as kosher when they meet all criteria applied by Jewish law.

A number of Jewish dietary laws are applied to Israeli kosher food, and most of them come from the Bible. For instance, only certain types of meat and fish might be eaten. Pork and rabbit are excluded, and shellfish as well. Besides, dairy dishes must be cooked and eaten separately from meat dishes. In the fabulous City of Miami there is a big Jewish community, so many Miami restaurants have obtained kosher certification. Overall, the majority of Miami Israeli restaurants have kosher certification.

You can enjoy the pleasures of Israeli food by going to the Miami Israeli restaurant of your preference whether you are a religious person or not.

Miami Israeli kosher restaurants
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