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Japanese cuisine has become popular in the last decade. Nowadays, it is possible to find a Japanese restaurant in every city of the world, and most people have accepted this type of food as a part of their daily menu. There is a general believe that Japanese food offers great benefits for the body and soul. Some of the ingredients used have been proved to fight some environmental conditions like free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Furthermore, eating fresh and raw fish is considered by scientists as highly recommended to be healthy and in shape. Although the traditional Japanese cuisine has changed to adapt particular cultures and tastes, most of the original recipes still are cook around the world. The modern Japanese cuisine includes ingredients and cooking methods that have been introduced for other countries and cultures. For instance, we have the pleasure of taste awesome rolls than contain tropical fruits like mango and avocado. In Miami, there several Japanese restaurants offering great food; nevertheless, only a few of them can give you access to the whole experience which includes traditional table settings and dining etiquette.

Due to the big Jewish community that lives in Miami and Miami Beach, there are plethora Miami kosher restaurants in the area. Some of the best Miami Japanese restaurants have gotten Miami kosher certification in order to serve an important part of our community.

Miami Japanese Kosher Restaurants
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