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MAYDAY is the global word to request for immediate assistance. "MAYDAY" identifies an imminent, life-threatening emergency. If you have a radio and you are navigating, you are have to monitor Channel 16. If you hear a MAYDAY, do not talk, just listen. Take down the information you are listening. If the Coast Guard or other rescue authority gives an answer, maintain silence and listen. If there is no answer, take action and attempt to dispatch the information over the radio. If you can not contact the Coast Guard, attempt to assist the other boat in trouble without placing yourself in danger. If you are an unexperienced boater, you boat rental Miami can give more information about this topic.

PAN-PAN is used when the safety of a boat or person is in jeopardy. When you listen these words through an emergency radio similar rules to the MAYDAY ones mentioned above applied.


SECURITE is used to pass navigation information or weather warnings. You must pay attention every time you heard this word on a VHF Radio. You can ask your boat rental Miami a little more about emergency words.

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