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South Florida is probably one of the most navigated areas of the world. Most of Miami boaters have lots of experience; however, there are also a large number of careless or inexperienced boaters. Unless boat operators are taught or have experienced on the Miami waters, it could be dangerous. Boat rentals Miami should give clients the main regulations they must follow to avoid any kind of trouble in order to have a nice and secure trip.

The first thing you should know is that Florida regulations require an automobile driving license to operate a recreational boat. Any driving license permit holder can operate a vessel without taking a class or having a license.

Miami-Info.com provides you with a few tips on what to do and what to avoid when operating a boat in Miami.

Principal Miami navigation rules:
  • Boaters must have proper licenses and papers.
  • Miami boats must have the right equipment and safety on board.
  • Operating boats.
  • Anchor boats.
  • All boaters must preserve the environment at all times.
  • All boaters must preserve the wildlife.

Miami navigation rules are very different that highway traffic laws which are very precise and in some cases overlap each other. Being careful and respectful is the golden rule when renting in Miami.

The 7 major sources of law that must be follow in order to avoid fines and citations are:

  • Speed limits.
  • Crossing bridges.
  • Crossing boats.
  • Passing boats going the same direction.
  • Anchoring restrictions.
  • Cruising and navigation by night.
  • Speed restrictions and manatee protection zones.
  • Wildlife conservation.

Boat rentals Miami can offer a wonderful experience since navigating and cruising in South Florida is fun and exciting, but it should be done within the boundaries of accepted rules and regulations. It needs to be done also respecting measures of boating safety. Accidents do happen every year in South Florida and caution needs to be applied on the waters.

Miami waters authorities that make sure that Miami navigation rules include:
  • U.S Coast Guard.
  • Auxiliary cost guards.
  • County law enforcement units.
  • Cities law enforcement units.
  • Sheriffs.
  • Customs and immigration units.
  • Wild preservation units.

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