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All Miami boats should be operated at a safe speed. It is very important to respect the limitations because they are usually strictly enforced. Yacht charters in Florida also have to follow all the limitations in order to avoid punishment and endanger other boaters.

Some areas specifically in the Intercoastal Way have specific speed restrictions; they are usually posted on poles. Boaters, who rent a boat through some of the yacht charters in Florida, should also note that sections on the Intercoastal Way may have 2 different speed limits during 2 different seasons in order to protect Manatees. Usually the tighter restriction applies from November to April each year. It is preferable to check with local authorities.

Common speed limitations for all boaters including Miami boat rentals:
  • Slow speed minimum wake (the boat should create very small waves, 3-4 miles an hour)
  • Idle speed (boat should be at minimum speed without creating waves)
  • Speed limitations when close to shoreline, usually slow speed is applicable.

In doubt inexperienced Miami boaters, that rent the boat at one of the many Miami Boat rentals, should observe around and mimic what other boaters are doing, when several boats runs as low speed usually there is a reason.

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